"Eveybody Love's The Fair,Everyone Love's Fair Food. Now You Can Make The Same Exact Foods That You Can Only Get At The Fair..."



With "Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes" You Get Over 100 Delicious and Tranitional Fair Recipes... 

Inside the pages of Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes, you will find delicious and traditional state and county fair recipes as well as a selection of unique variations like:

  • Candy-Coated Popcorn (Summer Fair Popcorn)
  • All American County Fair Prize Winning Chili
  • County Fair Banana Cream Pie
  • Fair Funnel Cakes
  • Ohio State Buckeye Candy
  • Vermont State Police Pears
  • Virginia State Peanut Soup
  • Empire State Muffins
  • Silver State Brownies
  • New York State Apple Pie
  • State Fair Potato Salad
  • A Plus Fair Corn Dogs
  • Blazing Brownies
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Spicy Peanut Dip
  • Old-Fashioned Sausage and Peppers
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Tex-Mex Won Ton Appetizers
  • West Virgina State Fair Winning Egg Custard Pie
  • State Fair Hot Dog
  • State Fair Fresh Lemonade
  • State Fair Caramel Corn
  • Party Fair Meat Balls
  • Mom's County Fair Sweepstakes Winning Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Kentucky State Fair Favorite Cake
  • Johnny Kaw Fair Sloppy Joes
  • Harvest Fair Chili
  • Fair Kitchen Meatloaf
  • County Fair Pancakes
  • County Fair Elephant Ears
  • County Fair Barbecue Sandwiches
  • Funnel Cakes
  • And Many More Great Recipes...

You don't have to wait for the fair to come to town to enjoy one of these Delicious Favorites, Just whip up any Mouth-Watering Fair Recipe to bring life to any party. Never have a boring party or lunch again!

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