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Who can pass up a big dish
of chicken wings?

Spicy, crunchy, and delicious- they're simply irresistible!

The Ultimate Chicken Wing Cookbook is the definitive collection of recipes for the chicken wing lover. Filled with easy, addictive recipes that run from classic to exotic, you will discover some of the BEST chicken wing recipes in the world! Your family and friends won't touch fast food once they have tasted just some of these wings.

The Ultimate Chicken Wing Cookbook
contains 101 of the best chicken wing recipes.
Here are just some of the mouthwatering recipes included in
The Ultimate Chicken Wing Cookbook:
  • Anchor Bar Hot Wings
  • Beau's Sweet-Sour Chicken Wings
  • Spicy Barbecue Chicken Wings
  • Cajun Chicken Wings
  • Fajita Chicken Wings
  • Wings From Hell
  • Crispy Honey Wings
  • Sesame Chicken Wings
  • Garlicky Gilroy Chicken Wings
  • Hawaiian Chicken Wings
  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings
  • James' World's Hottest Wings!

Share the great chicken wing recipes with your family and friends.
Grab your copy of The Ultimate Chicken Wing Cookbook and you
can be grabbing some awesome chicken wings today!

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The Ultimate Chicken Wing Cookbook is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers.

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